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Tips When Selecting Cordless Phone Batteries

Cordless phone batteries give us great freedom from corded attachments to a phone. They are really convenient until they stop working, and then they cause great aggravation. Searching for and finding cordless telephone batteries to purchase may seem like a simple task.

However, the pursuit for business owners involves considering the specific properties of your cordless phone system. There are certain steps you can take to make sure you buy the right telephone batteries.

Most older-model phones have a NiCad (or nickel cadmium) type battery. Because they can develop a memory, the charge life for this type of battery may be much less than when it was new.

The newer batteries are NiMH type. They tend to be more reliable and are also better for the environment. Some useful information to consider when replacing the battery of a cordless phone:

Older model cordless phones usually contain a type of battery called NiCad (or nickel cadmium). The newer cordless phone batteries are NiMH type and are considered more reliable than NiCad and better for the environment. Always dispose of phone batteries properly.

The best way to find out about the battery is to look at it. If it is a NiCad type battery, consider buying a new phone, since this type tends to have a shorter charge life. Don’t forget to consider replacement costs. Is it cheaper to replace the battery or the phone?

Make sure to check the phone manufacturer’s website for a replacement phone battery. In many cases you can purchase a battery directly from them. There are also many online battery vendors with some offering free shipping.

It is a good idea to read return policy, customer testimonials, and other information about the vendor to guide your selection. Radio Shack sells batteries both online and in their storefronts. Most consumer electronics stores carry a large selection of batteries.

Some final tips: Off-brand cordless phone batteries should work just as well as brand name batteries. To extend the life of new phone batteries, allow them to discharge completely before you return the handset to the charger. If you currently own a single handset cordless phone, you may consider purchasing a second handset if it is available for your model.